TMC Brand

Texas Medical Center (TMC)

After 50+ years as the organization responsible for governance, compliance, and parking, TMC was looking for a partner to reposition themselves as a world-class life science organization. Through our 1st party data, we were able to uncover TMC’s opportunity to rebrand and transform into the world leader of innovation research, preventive health wellness, and life sciences.


  • 26%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 57%

    Increase in mobile traffic

  • 63%

    Increase in repeat visits

  • 24%

    Increase in multipage engagement

The Challenge

TMC wanted to build a new reputation, one of innovation and cross-institutional collaboration. Together, TMC and Amuse set out to position the organization as the world’s leader in patient care, research, health policy, genomics, innovation, bio-technology, bio-medical, clinical sciences, and education.

Strategy & Implementation

We decided on a complete brand overhaul – including a new identity, voice, and vision – to inspire and educate employees, patients, and visitors the world over. TMC envelops many sub-entities, so we executed a comprehensive approach that would convey the hierarchy of institutions while visually unifying them all together.


The subtle patterning in the logo’s vertical line alludes to the color mapping of DNA chromosomes. To trained medical professionals, this conveys a sophisticated understanding of the sciences while staying pleasing to the pedestrian eye. “TMC” clearly denotes the Texas Medical Center as the umbrella institution, and the content following the pipe designates the particular entity. This allowed an entire suite of sub-brands, also designed by Amuse, to bolster the TMC brand mast.

Typography & Color

Utilizing innovative, timeless, modern typography, and employing use of blue tones as brand colors allowed for the creation of a fashionably modern, smart, and elegant logo that is unmistakably TMC. 


TMC is a world-class life sciences destination, but its website and communications were outdated. With five different websites employing varying logos and messaging, their brand was being diluted. We worked closely with TMC to create a beautiful, user-first experience across all platforms. With more than 13,000 lines of code skinned with a new brand identity, Amuse consolidated five separate websites and migrated 210 pages into one centralized experience.


In addition to revamping the TMC online presence, Amuse also created a suite of coordinating stationery to extend their new corporate identity beyond just the digital experience. The suite includes business cards featuring the new logo and a series of brochures that map parking lots, outline shuttle routes, and provide contractor parking information.