Bel Furniture

Bel Furniture, a family-run furniture retailer with 15 locations across Texas and ambitious growth plans, reached out to Amuse Digital to help them develop a strategy that would deliver short-term results and align with long-term goals. Amuse built a strategy that would boost foot traffic to their brick & mortar locations as well as increase e-commerce transactions. 



  • 38,141

    Visits to the store locator page

  • $403,137.18

    In online (e-commerce) sales

  • 3,311

    Phone calls

  • 127%

    Of goal for direct ROI

The Challenge

To achieve its goal, Bel Furniture needed to drive new leads and increase sales beyond the scale of their dedicated staff of 350 people. With a timeline of eight months, Bel Furniture wanted to significantly raise its sales through all avenues using search marketing. 

Strategy & Implementation

The Amuse team zeroed in on three things. The first was raising e-commerce sales, a KPI measured in dollars and compared to dollars invested. Second, driving in-person visits was measured in visits to the Store Locator page on the Bel Furniture website. The final goal, increasing calls to the store, was driven by the SEM campaign. 

In simultaneous SEM and SEO campaigns, we included keywords related to the brand name, product keywords related to specific product offerings, and keywords to provide users searching for competitors’ products with options from Bel Furniture instead.

SEM Campaigns

The team developed automated bid rules for Google, which claimed roughly 30% of impression share in targeted markets across the industry. In these markets, bids were also structured to win nearly half of all impressions on Bing searches. Each ad was dynamic, incorporating the exact wording that searchers used to correctly identify their needs. As a result, messaging directly addressed potential purchasers in the way most likely to entice them to purchase.