GMI Group

Since 1984, GMI group has operated on a high standard of quality and integrity. The company is made up of experts in oil and gas industrial machining, and its production can scale for projects from single parts to machining technical made-to-order components. GMI has built its business on an incredible process, superior products, and high-quality customer service. 


The Challenge

The O&G precision machinists had no brand, logo, or standardized name. The company’s new leadership was ready to brand the organization to take it global, so Amuse Digital was tasked with branding GMI Group from the ground up.

Strategy & Implementation

The creation of the brand needed to invigorate employees that had been with the company for more than 20 years, excite potential new employees, and frighten the company's largest competitors.

Because inorganic growth through acquisition would be a major part of their expansion strategy, we also set them on a path to attract the attention of companies that might be absorbed under the GMI Group umbrella brand.


Amuse toured the facility and watched the symphony of man and machine. From that experience, an evocative logo concept emerged: The characters “GMI” represent the machining aspect of operations with crisp metallic cuts, while a clean, san-serif typeface lent a human aspect to the collective, “Group.” The blue gradient was lifted from iridescent metal shavings and the cut triangle symbolizes their three brand pillars.

Print Collateral

A print collateral series was created to support sales and elevate the brand. A collection including business cards, folders, product inserts, document templates, and an infographic poster created a unified brand experience for their clients and contacts. By extending the company's branding to its print communications, we presented GMI as a professional, detail-oriented company.


The logo thrilled the employees and the board. Not only did the company now have an identity, but it was also scalable for inorganic growth. Full of symbolic meaning, it serves as shorthand for the essence of the company: its values. It truly owns the hero brand archetype.