Coldwell Banker Realtors

Coldwell Banker United, Realtors®, the No. 1 real estate broker in Houston, is known for its innovative real estate solutions. Now, with help from Amuse, it’s also known for its innovative digital marketing. We worked with Coldwell Banker to build rich social communities furnished with engaging content that would attract followers and turn them into loyal brand advocates.


The Challenge

Amuse wanted to take the well-known national brand and give it local curb appeal by creating vibrant, interactive online communities across multiple social networks.

But it’s never enough to simply establish a digital voice. To foster meaningful engagement from the audience, we needed to enhance top-of-mind brand awareness among Houstonian residents and create a valuable connection with new transplants.

Strategy & Implementation

To start building the community, the team established a diverse online presence that would reach existing and potential customers on their favorite social platforms. We also combined a social media and content approach, which created a strong foundation for future digital communications. After designing and creating pages, we managed engaging promoted posts, effective social ads, and share-worthy blog posts.

Social Media

We established Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages for Coldwell Banker Houston, which allowed us to start building a local audience. To increase reach and engagement, we created paid ads, easy-to-remember hashtags, and sweepstakes incentives.

Content Campaigns

To personify the brand and connect on an emotional level, we developed sharable, themed campaigns that hopeful homeowners could relate to—like home decor, moving, and travel.


  • 2,500

    Facebook followers in the first 4 months after launch

  • 75,000+

    weekly reach on Facebook

  • 244,000

    impressions after 6 weeks

  • 3,041

    unique page views on e-zine

  • 303

    comments, 395 likes, and 35 shares on a single post